Family: Asteraceae

There are only two species in this genus of plants from eastern Asia. Only one of these species is in common cultivation.


F. japonicum (Synonym: F. tussilagineum, Ligularia tussilaginea) and its gold-spotted cultivar 'Aureo-maculatum', or leopard plant, are the ones most commonly grown in the UK. These plants reach about 50 cm (20 in) high, bearing daisy-like flowers amongst the large leaves. They are very handy as they make good feature plants for shaded locations.


Plant in a well-drained but moist soil, heavily enriched with manure or compost, preferably in dappled sunlight or light shade. Mulch with organic matter. Water regularly through spring and summer, but give only occasional waterings in winter to prevent the roots drying out completely. Propagate by divi­sion of the clumps in late winter or spring. These plants are susceptible to attack by snails, so take suitable precautions.


Best in cool, moist climates with light frost only. Zone 8.

Faradaya      Fatshedera