Family: Verbenaceae

From northern Australia, New Guinea and regions nearby, these plants, related to Clerodendrum, are well suited to warm cli­mates. They are unlikely to be available outside their native countries.


F. splendida is a vigorous species found in northern Queensland rainforests where it can pull itself up into the tree canopy to reach the light. The broad, glossy bright green leaves grow up to 30 cm (12 in) long and the fragrant, white, tubular flowers are borne profusely in terminal sprays. The short-lived flowers are fol­lowed by large, egg-shaped, glossy white fruits, each containing a single seed. In subtropical gardens it is sometimes seen as a spreading mounded shrub.


These plants like hot, wet, humid conditions and fertile, well-drained soil enriched with leaf litter compost or well-decayed manure. In cool and cold climates, grow in a warm greenhouse or conservatory with a humid atmosphere.


Subtropical and tropical climates only.

Fagus      Farfugium