Family: Papilionaceae
Common Name: Small-leaf Eutaxia

Mostly native to Western Australia, this genus comprises eight species of small, evergreen, showy shrubs closely related to Pultenaea and Dillwynia. They bear yellow or red pea flowers in summer or autumn. These shrubs are unlikely to be available outside Australia.


E. microphylla, originating in Australia, is a small, hardy, neat shrub to 1 m (3 ft), with small, opposite leaves, covered in late summer and early autumn with pretty, tiny, yellow pea flow­ers.

E. myrtifolia (Synonym: E. obovata), a bushy, rounded shrub, to 1 m (3 ft), has sharp-pointed leaves and orange-yellow, pea-type flowers. Easily grown, it can stand pruning.


These shrubs must have perfect drainage and full sun. Advanced plants are hard to transplant. Propagate from the abundant seed or from autumn cuttings struck in a cool frame or under glass in a 3:1 mixture of sharp sand and peat. Where hard frosts are likely, grow in a cool, airy greenhouse.


Zone 9.

Euryops      Evolvulus