Family: Eupomatiaceae
Common Name: Copper Laurel, Bolwarra

The foliage, flowers and fruits of this genus of only two species from the east coast of Australia and New Guinea are beautiful, but the plants are rarely available elsewhere.


E. laurina is a shapely shrub or small tree, 3-6 m (10-20 ft) tall, with shiny, dark green, oval leaves, the young leaves and branches tinted with a pinkish copper colour, and clusters of fragrant, greenish yellow flow­ers. The small, edible, fig-like fruits are tasty both to humans and native animals. It is a plant which grows well in shade and also makes a good screen or hedge plant.


In frost-prone climates, grow in an intermediate to warm greenhouse or conserva­tory. Soilless potting compost is suitable. Shade from direct strong sun. Water regularly in summer but less in winter. Propagate from cut­tings in autumn or from seed when ripe.


Zone 10.

Euphorbia      Euryops