Family: Rutaceae
Common Name: Desert Lime

This native Australian genus comprises only one species, a shrub or small, spiny tree, grown mainly as an ornamental, particularly in tubs.


E. glauca grows 1-3 m (3-10 ft) tall with alternate, simple, leathery leaves, small, white flowers, and fruit resembling tiny oranges. Although they have a rather bitter taste, the fruits are used for making jams and drinks, including liqueur. It can be used as an understock for other cultivated citrus.


Resistant to cold and drought, this desert plant can be grown outside in areas suited to other citrus trees and shrubs. It tolerates poor soil as long as it is well drained and it responds well to regular summer watering. It should be grown in full sun. Where hard frosts occur, grow in a cool greenhouse or conservatory.


Zone 9.

Eranthis      Eremophila