Family: Araceae

This is a genus of eight species of tropical climb­ing vines from Southeast Asia and the western Pacific. Generally, they can be grown outdoors in the tropics only where they can be trained to climb up tree trunks. However, they make attractive indoor potted plants if their cultural requirements are met.


E. aureum, golden pothos or devil's ivy, has slender stems and shiny, bright green, heart-shaped leaves, up to 30 cm (12 in) long, marbled in a golden cream colour. Grown out-doors, it can reach 12 m (40 ft), however it is popular as an indoor plant and is often sold by its common names. Cultivar 'Marble Queen' has creamy white leaves, flecked with green, and green-striped stems; 'Tricolor' has green leaves, spotted and marked with colours gold, pale green and cream.

E. pictum 'Argyraeum' is a slower grower, with matt, green, heart-shaped leaves, flecked in silver.


Except in the tropics, grow in a warm greenhouse or conservatory, or as a house plant, in pots of soil-based or soilless potting compost. Plants need good light (but shade from direct strong sun), a humid atmosphere and supports for the stems unless they are to trail. A sphagnum moss-covered pole makes a good support. Propagate from stem-tip cut­tings, or from leaf-bud cuttings, in summer, in a heated propagating case. Alternatively, layer a stem in spring or summer.


At least zone 10.

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