Family: Orchidaceae
Common Name: Crucifix Orchid

Many species of this genus of epiphytic orchids are now classified in other genera. Epidendrwn now includes only the slender, reed-like orchids with the floral column com­pletely united with the lip. Many excellent hybrids are available, though the white form is rare.


The most familiar of these orchids are the crucifix orchids. The bright orange form of E. ibaguense is most often seen. Others frequently cultivated have soft crimson or lilac flowers. Their long flowering period and easy care make them popular.


Throughout most of the US, these orchids are grown in a cool to intermediate greenhouse or conservatory, in pots of orchid compost, an epiphytic or terrestrial mix. Some plants may need their long stems supported. In the growing period, provide good light but shade from sun, ensure high atmospheric humidity, mist spray plants daily, water well and feed weekly. In winter, provide maximum light and keep compost only slightly moist, or completely dry for species with pseudobulbs. Propagate by division when plants have out-grown their pots.


At least zone 10.

Epacris      Epimedium