Family: Rhamnaceae
Common Name: Red Ash, Bonewood

This genus comprises three species of tall, handsome trees, two from Australia and one from New Caledonia. They are unlikely to be available outside their country of origin.


E. alphitonioides is a tall, erect tree, with a slender trunk, found growing from the northern tip of Australia down the eastern coast to New South Wales. It has glossy, bright green leaves and dense, terminal clusters of small, creamy flowers, followed by attractive, bright yellow berries which remain on the tree through summer and autumn. It reaches about 15 m (50 ft) in cultivation but may be slow-growing. This species yields a very fine timber.


In frost-prone climates, these trees would have to be grown in a warm greenhouse or conservatory. As they grow quite slowly when young, they would seem to have poten­tial as potted or tub-grown specimens. Outdoors in warm climates, these trees thrive in a rich, moist soil. Propagate from seed when ripe.


At least zone 10.

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