Family: Thymelaeceae

This genus comprises two or three species of evergreen or deciduous flowering shrubs with papery bark from China and Japan. They have simple, alternate leaves crowded at the ends of branches. Dense heads of small, yellow, scented flowers are borne at the ends of the bare branches in spring.


E. chrysanntha (Synonym: E. papyrifera), paper bush, is a deciduous shrub to 2 m (6 ft), with tough, supple shoots and oblong leaves. Large, terminal clusters of fragrant, rich yellow flowers appear in early spring before the leaves. This species has long been cultivated in Japan as a source of handcrafted paper.


Edgeworthias dislike extremes, requiring mild conditions, good drainage and ample water in the growing season. Propagate from semi-ripe cuttings in summer, or from seed sown in autumn and germinated in a garden frame.


Zone 8; provide a warm, sheltered position.

Echium      Eggplant