Family: Bignoniaceae
Common Name: Chilean Glory Flower

Only one of these beautiful, evergreen climbers is commonly cultivated. They have opposite leaves with terminal, branched tendrils, and terminal sprays of tubular, yellow or orange flowers from spring to autumn.


E. scaber, Chilean glory flower, is a slender, woody climber, 3-4 m (10-13 ft) long, with dainty leaves, grown for its lopsided tubu­lar flowers which come in either yellow, orange or scarlet. Fruit pods contain the winged seeds. The form aureus has golden yellow flowers, while the carmineus form has carmine red flowers.


In frost-prone areas, grow in a cool greenhouse or conservatory, or as a summer annual outdoors. In mild climates, eccremocar­pus are grown as perennials, although they are short lived. Sow seeds in early spring under glass and germinate at 16°C (61°F). Under glass, grow in pots of soil-based potting compost and provide maximum light. Outdoors, grow in sun with well-drained soil. Supports will be needed for the stems.


Zone 9.