Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Ironwood

This genus, unlikely to be available in the the UK, comprises over 30 species of the myrtle family native to Australia, their natural habitat being the tropical and subtropical, occasionally temperate, rainforests and scrublands of the east coast. They have the typical small, broad leaves, white flowers and berry-like fruit of the myrtles. These ironwoods, as they are commonly known, produce very hard, durable timber.


A. acmenioides, white myrtle, thrives in scrublands from the south coast of New South Wales through to Queensland. It has smooth bark and produces extremely hard timber.

A. dulcis is a low-growing, spreading species suitable for groundcover or for spilling over walls. The foliage has pinky red tones in cold weather and the white flowers sometimes appear in abundance.

A. tenuifolia grows 2-3 m (6-10 ft) and produces blue-green berries in autumn. It is well suited to shaded sites.


These tender plants require an average soil and a sunny position. Propagate from cuttings or from the abundant seed.


Warm and subtropical Climates.

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