Family: Brassicaceae
Common Name: Rock Cress

Mostly native to southern Europe, these low-growing, trailing perennials, to around 15 cni (6 in), are among the most popular rockery plants. They are also suitable for planting on sunny banks or stone walls, particularly in exposed or coastal areas where other plants may fail. They form dense mats of gray-green leaves and produce an abundance of pink, lilac and purple starry flowers in spring.


A. deltoidea is the true species, but the best results are obtained from the many cultivated varieties that have been developed. Some of these have semi-double, brightly coloured flowers which bloom profusely in spring. Cultivars 'Argenteovariegata' and 'Aureovariegata' have variegated foliage. Excellent cultivars often grown have flowers in the crimson, pink, mauve and violet colour range.


Aubrietas thrive in light, sandy soil in a sunny, protected position. Very acid soils should be limed before planting. Do not overeater when the plant is not in flower. They flower best the second year after planting. Grow from seed, or from cuttings taken in autumn.


Zone 7.

Atriplex      Aucuba