Family: Woodsiaceae

This large group of ferns is widely distributed in many parts of the world, but is represented by the greatest number of species in eastern and south-eastern Asia.


A. filix-femina, lady fern, is probably the most widely cultivated of the species. It is native to many parts of the northern hemisphere and can survive quite cold Climates, being totally deciduous in winter. There is a huge range of cultivars which are well represented in North America and parts of Europe. Some have extremely feathery fronds.

A. nipponicum 'Dictum', the painted fern from japan, suited to zone 4, is a small fern with silvery streaks in the center of each leaflet.


Some of these ferns are hardy and make good garden plants in moist positions with partial or full shade. The soil should have a good supply of humus to help it retain moisture. Plant in spring or autumn. 'these are ideal ferns for shrub borders, woodland gardens and shady courtyards.


Very hardy; will grow in zone 2 and above.

Athrotaxis      Atriplex