Family: Aristolochiaceae
Common Name: Dutchman's Pipe

These perennial, mostly climbing, shrubs are rapid growers and are useful plants for screens, trellises and pergolas. They have round or heart-shaped leaves and flowers which are unusual more than beautiful. Some species are tender in cool and cold parts of the UK and should be grown in a cool or warm greenhouse or conservatory, depending on where they originate.


A. macrophyllya (Synonym: A. durior), zone 6, is a dense, woody twiner, with glossy dark green leaves, either round or kidney-shaped. The purplish or yellow-green flowers have a curious shape, like an old-fashioned tobacco pipe.

A. littoralis (Synonym: A. elegans), calico flower, zone 9, is also quite widely grown in the US. It has fleshy, heart-shaped leaves and maroon flowers with white markings.


Under glass, grow in tubs of soilless compost and in bright light; shade from strong sun. Outdoors, plant in ordinary garden soil. Propagate from seed in spring or semi-ripe cuttings in summer.


Depends on species.

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