Family: Fabaceae

Native to coastal eastern Australia, as well as parts of Southeast Asia, these trees are suited to warm, coastal gardens and rarely grown outside their native countries.


A. grandiflorum, laceflower tree, has large, compound leaves, large spring flowers, tipped with crimson, and flattened, spiral seed pods containing shiny black seeds. The flowers are beautiful with a delicious honeysuckle fragrance. This lovely tree grows to 5-9 m (16-30 ft) tall.

A. sapindoides (Synonym: Pithecellobium pruinosum), snow wood or stink wood, also has large, compound leaves, but its flowers are balls of creamy white tassels and its seed pods orange-red in colour. Its common name, stink wood, refers to the offensive smell of its freshly cut wood. This species grows to 6 m (20 ft) in height and in width.


Archidendron does well in humid coastal conditions, with some shade. Use a well-composted soil. Cutting back of these trees, particularly mature specimens, is recommended. This is best done in late winter. Propagate from seed collected from the split pods.


Suited to outdoor Cultivation in zones 9 and 10.