Family: Araliaceae

This variable genus of deciduous shrubs and small trees originates from Asia and North America. As it belongs to the ivy family, some of the species have a suckering habit. They have attractive, large, compound leaves and terminal clusters of greenish white flowers.


A. elata, Japanese angelica, is usually a shrub with horizontal branching but can grow to a medium-sized tree of 8-10 m (26-33 ft). It is generally prickly, with large compound leaves and decorative clusters of tiny white flowers followed by small, round fruits that ripen to black. 'Variegata' is a highly individual specimen tree with leaves which are edged and marked in white.


Aralias do best in warm or cool Climates in an enriched soil with lots of mulch to protect the roots. It is important to provide shelter from hot, drying winds. Propagate from seed, with bottom heat, or from root cuttings in winter; this is especially so for variegated cultivars.


A. elata is very hardy and can be grown in zone 4.

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