Family: Brassicaceae
Common Name: Rock Cress

Native to Europe and Asia, these hardy, low-growing perennials and some annuals are suitable for rock gardens, wall crevices, borders and pebble gardens. They are vigorous growers in cool, moist conditions but easily removed if invasive. They have narrow leaves and profusely blooming small, round flowers.


A. alpina subsp. caucasica (Synonym: A. albida) forms a low, spreading mat of oval, gray-green leaves and masses of round white or pink flowers. It grows to 1S cm (6 in). Cultivar 'Fiore Pluto' produces double flowers. 'Variegata' grows to 15 cm (6 in), and produces silver variegated leaves.


Rock cress requires a cool to warm Climate. Plant in a well-drained soil in full sun and propagate from offsets from the parent plant in warm weather or from cuttings in early summer.


Some species, including A. alpina, are extremely hardy and will tolerate zone 4.

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