Family: Aizoaceae

This genus of dwarf succulents originating from South Africa produces free-branching sprawlers. The flowers are borne terminally on short stalks in summer and come in white or a pinkish colour, through to purple.


A. cordifolia is a low-growing, mat-forming species to 5 cm (2 in) with shiny, almost heart-shaped, pale leaves and purplish red flowers. A. c. 'Variegata' has white markings on the leaves. A. lancifolia grows similarly to the others, but has narrow, blunt leaves and pink to white flowers.


In frosty Climates they are bedded out for the summer or planted on rock gardens, and overwintered in a cool greenhouse. Plant in a well-drained, sandy soil in full sun. Propagate from seed or from cuttings.


Suitable for growing outside all year in zones 9 and 10.

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