Family: Scrophulariaceae
Common Name: Snapdragon

Originating from Europe and North America, these showy annuals and perennials have unusual two-lipped flowers, which give the plants their common name, and narrow leaves. They come in a variety of types: erect, prostrate, tall or dwarf. Snapdragons look most impressive in massed plantings or borders and make excellent cut flowers.


A. majus, snapdragon, forms dense bushes of many upright stems, with long green leaves and the familiar frilly, two-lipped flowers. Hybrids are available in all sizes and colours, and combinations of colours, except true blue.


They prefer a fertile, well-drained soil and a sunny position. Continuous cutting of the flowers will ensure further crops. Propagate from seed. Single-coloured or multi-coloured seed selections are available. Some are very susceptible to rust, a fungal disease. Look for varieties which have some resistance.


In frost-prone Climates, grown as half-hardy annuals.

Antigonon      Aphelandra