Family: Polygonaceae
Common Name: Coral vine

These fast-growing climbers are excellent for pergolas, trellises or lattice, and also look pretty cascading from the tops of walls. They have simple leaves and long sprays of delicate flowers with heart-shaped petals. The flowers last well when cut.


A. leptopus is a slender, deciduous creeper, the long sprays of bright pink flowers ending in coiling tendrils by which it climbs. It grows to 6 m (20 ft). Although it dies back in winter, it is useful for covering unsightly sheds or fences. Cultivar 'Album' has white flowers.


In cool and cold Climates grow in a cool greenhouse or conservatory, in a pot or tub of soil-based compost. Provide full light. Outdoors this plant does best in a sunny, sheltered position. Any soil is suitable, but they do require good drainage and heavy mulching. Water well in spring and summer. Remove spent flower heads and cut out old growth in spring. Propagate from seed or from soft tip cuttings.


Zone 10 and above.

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