Family: Escalloniaceae

These attractive evergreen Australian shrubs are native to the forests of Tasmania and mountainous areas of New South Wales and Queensland. Both species are good garden ornamentals. The smooth, thick, shiny leaves, narrow at both ends have a leathery appearance. The flowers begin as pink bud clusters, opening to terminal sprays of heavy-textured, cup-shaped, whitish pink flowers to 2 cm (1 in) across.


A. glandulosus, Tasmanian laurel, is a large, leafy, sometimes straggly, shrub which grows to S m (16 ft) in height. Its dark green, glossy leaves are generally narrow, elliptical and toothed and its waxy, pinkish white, cup-shaped flowers appear in terminal sprays in spring. It needs a shady position and a peaty soil.

A. macleayanus, a smaller, neat species, has attractive, red-veined foliage and terminal sprays of white flowers.


Grow in a cool glasshouse in very cold Climates. Needs lime-free compost or soil. Provide full light but shade from direct sun. Outdoors grow in cool, moist woodland conditions with partial shade. Propagate from semi-ripe cuttings in the summer. They may be slow to root.


Can be grown outside in zone 8 and above.

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