Family: Iridaceae

Of these four species of cormous plants from tropical and South Africa, only one species is cultivated widely. Their growth resembles that of the freesia.


A. laxa (Synonym: Lapeirousia laxa), which is sometimes called scarlet freesia or painted petals, grows to 20 cm (8 in) in height and produces coral red flowers which have darker markings, in the spring. this species has a tendency to self-seed. The white form, 'Alba', is not very vigorous.


In very cold areas grow in pots in a cool glasshouse. These plants will grow in full sun or partial shade and can tolerate a wide range of soil types. They self-seed, or the corms can be lifted and divided in autumn.


Warm zones as far as the subtropics and cool temperate zones. Hardy in cool Climates if protected in winter.

Aniseed      Anopterus