Family: Marattiaceae
Common Name: Giant Fern, King Fern

This genus of very large tropical ferns appears to be quite ancient as fossil remains of similar fronds date as far back as the Palaeozoic era. One of the many species of this genus, A. evecta, is native to Australia's tropical Queensland, tropical Asia and the western Pacific. All species have fleshy stalks and coarse, thick fronds.


A. evecta, giant or king fern, is huge, with a thick, woody trunk up to 1 m (3 ft) in diameter in very old specimens and arching fronds up to 5 m (16 ft) in length. The bi-pinnate fronds are glossy green and the upright stipes are swollen at the base. Ibis is a very attractive feature plant when care is taken to make sure it is well grown.


Outside the tropics or subtropics Angiopteris should be grown in a tropical greenhouse. This handsome fern makes a very good specimen plant. It is usually quite easily grown from the dormant buds contained in the fleshy scales which are found at the base of the fronds. Pot the buds in a mix of sand and peat. Growth should be visible within 12 months. In terms of feeding, the soil must contain plenty of decayed organic matter so that it can retain some moisture at all times.


Suitable for gardens in zone 10 and above.

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