Family: Vitaceae

Many species from this genus are now classified with Parthenocissus or Vitis. These two species of climbing plants have deciduous, grape-like, lobed leaves, often colouring beautifully in autumn. The small, insignificant flowers are followed by hunches of small, round berries.


A. aconitifolia, comes from Mongolia and is far less common in Cultivation. Its small greenish flowers are succeeded by orange berries.

A. brevipedunculata originates from Asia. It has twisting tendrils, pink new growth and lobed green leaves. The foliage colours well in autumn and the berries change to a bright blue colour when ripe.


Antpelupsis makes a pretty, delicate covering for arches, lattice, wrought iron and small houses. It prefers a well-mulched light soil, containing plenty of well rotted organic matter, and filtered sunlight. Protection from drying winds is essential. Propagate from hardwood cuttings in autumn or winter or from seed if available. It also layers easily.


Zone 5 and above.

Ammobium      Anchusa