Family: Caesalpinaceae
Common Name: Pride of Burma, Orchid Tree

A monotypic genus, that is with only one species, this magnificent tree is native to Burma, though it is becoming very rare in its natural habitat of tropical forest.


A. nobilis, pride of Burma or orchid tree, is a fast-growing evergreen, to 12 m (40 ft) or more in humid tropical Climates. The leaves are very long and consist of numerous small leaflets, giving a lacy, graceful effect. The unusual flowers are bright red, shaded with pink. Thought to resemble orchids, these hang in long clusters.


Outside the tropics this tree can be grown in a pot or tub of soil-based potting compost in a warm greenhouse with high humidity and bright light. In such conditions it rarely flowers. Outdoors it needs well-drained, deep, fertile soil and an abundant supply of water throughout the growing season. Mulching with organic matter is also beneficial. It is usually propagated from semi-ripe cuttings, with bottom heat and misting, or alternatively by layering. The seed is not always fertile, but this would be the simplest method if it was possible to obtain good seed.


Can be grown outdoors only in warm humid to hot tropical Climates; elsewhere Amherstia should be grown under glass.

Amelanchier      Ammobium