Family: Amaryllidaceae
Common Name: Belladonna Lily

This genus was named for Amaryllis, a shepherdess in Greek mythology. A. belladonna, literally 'beautiful lady', is the only true Amaryllis.


A. belladonna, native to South Africa, is not just beautiful but also easy to grow. It has glorious, trumpet-shaped, rose-pink, perfumed flowers in autumn and grows up to 45 cm (18 in) in height. The strap-like leaves appear after the flowers. There are various other colour forms, ranging from white to purple, which are hybrids or selected forms.


These bulbs are generally planted in late summer, although early spring planting is also acceptable. Place in a sunny position in well-drained soil, with the tops of the bulbs just above the surface of the soil. Water well during the growth period. Once established, the bulbs can be divided during spring when the plant is dormant. However, do not divide too often as bulbs that are rather crowded tend to flower better.


Zone 8 and above.

Amaranthus      Amelanchier