Family: Zingiberaceae
Common Name: Ginger Lily

This is a genus of about 250 species native to warm humid areas of Southeast Asia, China, India and Australia. All are evergreen perennials growing from rhizomes with a light ginger scent. These plants need room to spread as many are fairly vigorous. Upright cane-like stems vary with species, but may be up to 3 m (10 ft). Broad, lance-shaped leaves are carried up the stems.


A. calcarata, Indian ginger, grows over 1 m (3 ft) high. The lower petals of the yellow flowers are attractively marked with deep red or magenta. They bloom during summer.

A. purpurata, red ginger blossom, is a vigorous grower to 3 m (10 ft) or so. The true flowers are white but these are totally overshadowed by the showy, bright red bracts.


In frost-prone Climates grow these plants in a warm greenhouse or conservatory with high humidity and bright light, in a soil-based potting compost. Outdoors grow in a warm sheltered area in well-drained soil, heavily enriched with organic matter. They need ample water during the warmer months. Clumps can be lifted and divided in late winter to early spring.


These plants are suitable for zone 10 and above.