Family: Scrophulariaceae
Common Name: Mask Flower

This genus of about 12 species of evergreen shrubs, subshrubs and perennials, native to Peru, is gradually becoming more widely grown. They have small leaves on erect stems and trumpet-like flowers in the summer and autumn. The flowers are quite curious, for the trumpet appears to be twisted upside down. In frost-prone Climates alonsoas are mainly used as annuals for summer bedding.


A. warscewiczii is a multi-branched upright perennial, which grows to 30-90 cm (12-36 in). The flowers are in shades of orange through to red and bloom from summer to autumn.


For summer bedding plants, sow seed in spring in heat under glass and plant out when frosts are over. Provide a position in full sun.


Grow in frost-free areas; zone 10.

Aloe      Alphitonia