Family: Apocynaceae

Of these 12 species of evergreen climbers and shrubs from the tropical Americas, the most commonly grown is a vigorous climber that produces an abundance of distinctive, golden, trumpet-shaped flowers, 7-10 cm (3-4 in) across.


A. cathartica is the most popularly cultivated species in the UK. With lance-shaped leaves and yellow flowers in summer, it provides a dense cover for walls. Cultivar 'Hendersonii' has yellow flowers with a white-spotted throat; 'Nobilis' has strongly perfumed bright yellow flowers; 'Williamsii' has yellow flowers with a reddish brown throat; A. schottii has bright yellow stripes at the base of golden flowers and a more bushy growth habit than A. cathartica.


In frost-prone areas grow in a warm humid greenhouse or conservatory. In the tropics, grow outdoors in full sun or partial shade in a humus-rich soil. Water well during the growing period. To achieve a bushy form, cut back the canes in late winter and pinch out new growth. Climbing plants need strong support and tying in until they are established. Propagate in spring and summer from greenwood cuttings and root them in heat.


Zone 10 and above.

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