Family: Rosaceae
Common Name: Lady's Mantle

There are over 250 species of this genus in Europe and in the northern temperate zones and tropical mountains of Africa. One hardy, herbaceous, low-growing species, A. mollis, is often grown in cool areas. Its leaves are covered with silvery hairs. Masses of small, greenish yellow flowers appear in summer. These plants form dense clumps and are used in rockeries or borders.


A. mollis, lady's mantle, is a well-loved perennial, growing to around 30 cm (12 in); it works well as a groundcover. Its decorative, wavy-edged leaves are quite soft and furry. Masses of greenish yellow flowers appear in summer. Both A. mollis and A. xanthochlora (which is less commonly cultivated) have a long history of use in herbal medicine. A. alpina is similar but is a smaller, mat-forming species.


Alchemilla does best in temperate Climates and alpine regions. The main requirement is good drainage. Any reasonable soil is suitable. It seeds freely so propagation is simple. Place a small plastic bag over the spent flower heads, collect seed and sow in spring.


Alchemilla thrives in zone 6 and above.

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