Family: Simaroubaceae

This tree, 'tall enough to reach the skies', is native to Asia and the Pacific region. However, it has become naturalized in many parts of the world, and is highly invasive in some areas. It has pinnate leaves which change colour in the
autumn. Fast growing, it reaches heights of 20-30 m (65-100 ft) and often forms a thicket of suckers.


A. altissima, tree of heaven, is a striking deciduous tree which grows quickly up to 20-30 m (65-100 ft). It has long leaves, small greenish-coloured flowers and orange-red winged fruit. The male flowers have an unpleasant smell.

A. vilmoriniana grows to 6-15 m (20-50 ft). It is cultivated in China to provide food for silkworms.


These trees do well in any soil and, once established, their growth is vigorous. They can tolerate high levels of atmospheric pollution and are fairly widely planted in the US and Europe. Propagate from either seed or suckers.


Cold and temperate Climates; zone 4 and above.

Agonis      Aiphanes