Family: Ericaceae

From the higher parts of central Asia, these woody, evergreen shrubs have alternate leaves and five-lobed flowers which vary greatly in color. They are grown in a cool greenhouse or conservatory in frost-prone areas.


Not all may be available in all parts of the UK and Europe.

A. serpens, an arching climber and the usual one grown, has bright red tubular flowers with darker, V-shaped markings.


This plant can be grown outdoors in frost-free Climates. It also grows well in pots or other containers and is suitable for the greenhouse. Acid soil or compost is needed. Strike cuttings in a warm place in the summer. Repot as the shrubs increase in size-up to the size of a 15 cm (6 in) pot. Prune after flowering if a small, dense shape is required.


These shrubs are suitable for zone 9 and above.

Agapanthus      Agastache