Family: Brassicaceae
Common Name: Stone-cress

This genus of about 60 species originates from the Mediterranean. Mostly perennials, they grow well in cooler American gardens where they are useful for rock gardens and borders. They have trailing stems, fleshy leaves, and flowers in various shades of red, pink and purple from early summer onwards.


A. coridifolium and the very similar A. grandiflorum are attractive perennials, growing 15-25 cm (6-10 in) high. They have rosy pink flowers and intense grayish blue leaves, and make pretty, decorative border plants. 'Warley Rose', neat and shrub-like, with a profusion of deeper pink flowers, is the cultivar most commonly grown.


Aethionemas prefer a light limy soil with good drainage and a dry, sunny position. They will survive for many years without replanting. Propagate the perennial types from cuttings taken in summer or by division or seed in spring. The annuals and biennials can only be propagated from seed.


This genus is suitable for zone 7 and above.

Aesculus      Agapanthus