Family: Apocynaceae
Common Name: Desert Rose

Native to the Middle East and tropical and subtropical Africa, this tall succulent shrub has a bloated trunk, woody base and thick branches arranged in spirals. the funnel-like flowers are pink. The desert rose is not widely cultivated in the UK.


A. obesum has a thick base, short branches, clusters of shiny, green, leathery leaves and large pink flowers. It grows to 2 m (6 ft).

A. obesum subsp. oleifolium has a very large, round, tuberous base, erect branches, clusters of long, narrow leaves and pink flowers.


Generally grown in pots in a warm greenhouse. Use well-drained cactus compost. Provide maximum light. Water well in summer, keep almost dry in winter. Propagate from fresh seed.


Suitable for Cultivation in zone 9 and above. Must be frost free.

Adenanthos      Adiantum