Family: Cupressaceae

From the southern coast of Western Australia, this genus of only two species of native conifers is closely related to Callitris (the Australian cypress pine). They are of interest mainly to Australian gardeners as they are one of that country's few genera of conifers.


A. pyramidalis has very coarse green foliage, sometimes quite dense. The cones are shiny gray-brown and grow 1.5 cm (½ in) long and as broad at the base. This shrub or small tree makes a good formal feature plant or tub specimen. It can grow between 1 and 4 m (3-13 ft) tall.


As they are frost-tender conifers they can be grown in gardens only in zone 10 and above. In their natural habitat most rainfall is in winter followed by very hot, dry summers. These conifers do not adapt well to Cultivation. In cold Climates Cultivation should be attempted only in pots or tubs under glass. Propagation is by seed, which germinates readily.


Zone 10 and above.

Actinodium      Actinotus