Family: Rutaceae
Common Name: Whitey Wood

Native to Australia, this shrub or small tree has been introduced to other parts of the world but is seldom grown outside its country of origin. Yet it is attractive and frost-hardy shrub or small tree and is well worth garden space. In very cold Climates it can be grown in pots in a cool conservatory.


A. frankliniae, one of the two species, occurs naturally along river banks on the edges of rainforests on Tasmania's west coast. It is an upright grower to about 3 m (10 ft) in height. In late spring a profusion of pretty white flowers in terminal clusters appear. When crushed, the long, narrow, bright green leaves give out a pleasant fragrance.


Acradenia can he propagated from semi-ripe cuttings rooted in a mix of equal parts coarse sand and peat or peat substitute. It can also be raised from seed if available. It requires a moist, fertile soil, partial shade and shelter from cold winds.


Cool, moist Climate; zone 8.

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