Family: Oleaceae

Originating from Korea, Abeliophyllum was introduced into western gardens in the 1920s and became popular for ornamental gardens as it grows easily to about 1 m (3 ft) and is quite hardy. The leaves of this shrub are similar to those of abelia. Related to Fontanesia, it is a deciduous shrub, with long, narrow, heart-shaped leaves and white, four-petalled, fragrant flowers, with small, orange centers, like those of Forsythia. It blooms in early spring.


A. distichum is the only species. It grows to a height and spread of about 1.5 m (5 ft).


Plant in a well-drained loamy soil in a sheltered sunny position and protect from frost during flowering. Prune when flowering has finished because the flowers bloom on the previous year's shoots. Propagate under glass from cuttings of half-ripe wood in late summer or autumn, or from seed or by layering.


Abeliophyllum is suitable for zone 6 and above.

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